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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We've waited so long, now we can start waiting!

After years of seeking ways to add to our family, we finally believe that God has answered our request. In March 2005, as I was driving home one Sunday afternoon, I heard a radio announcement for Stephen Curtis Chapman's foundation, Shoahannah's Hope. This foundation offers financial grants to those that desire to adopt from China. After having researched so many options of adoption in the past, we had determined that we would never be able to afford to adopt. This advertisement gave me a slight glimmer of hope. I went home and started researching on the internet all of the options for Chinese adoption. We quickly felt that God was showing us an opportunity to grant the desire of our heart.

We also realized that, having been appointed in Odessa for five years, there was a high likelihood that we would be under farewell orders. We knew that it would be wise to wait for word regarding our appointment before we made application with an agency. Sure enough, we did receive a transfer to Longview, Texas.

Upon our arrival in Longview, we quickly knew that it was a necessity to purchase a new quarters, which would require yet another move.

On August 30, 2005 we moved into a new home with great anticipation of beginning the process right away. However, Hurricane Katrina hit land on August 29th, and our lives, once again became quite chaotic making it an impossibility to begin the process.

After 6+ months of knowing and waiting, we FINALLY made our official application with Harrah's AIM. When we have received our acceptance from this agency, we will begin the process of our homestudy, and document preparation.

We know that this will be a lengthy process, but feel that after so many years of waiting, that we are finally in the "home stretch". We simply can't wait to know that we are cleared to bring our daughter home!


Blogger KAIPITA said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It must be so exiting to finally be able to adopt....I am a single female and if I do not get married I look forward to adopting a kid myself.
Keep us posted on what happens

5:23 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Shannon I am sooo happy for you guys. I know this has been a long and difficult road for you at times. I can't wait to start hearing the updates you have, and I have to say that I miss you so much.

7:15 AM  

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