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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 3 in Nanning - Minority Park

Today was a free day. We were able to explore a bit. This morning, we went to the minority museum. The Guangxi province is made up of many minority groups and this museum celebrates the largest minority groups, their traditions & culture. One of the cultural traditions that we learned of was of the "love ball". Young girls would make a "love ball" at a young age. At an annual celebration held for young single people, the love balls would be thrown. There would be a large court with a high pole with a hoop on the top of it. Girls would stand on one side, boys would stand on the other (imagine volleyball with a single pole and hoop). The girls would throw her ball through the hoop, and the boy that she hoped to marry would race to the ball on the other side to catch it. If the boy caught it, she would ask him "the question". If he agreed, he would then go to the girls houses to live and work for her family without wage for two years. If the girls family then agreed that he would be an appropriate husband, the two would wed.
It was a beautiful place with lots to see. There was a courtyard where different performances where held. We were able to view and participate in a few dances while there. There were also beautiful gardens to walk through and take pictures of while we were there. It was a beautiful place.


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Your kids are so precious!

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