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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The beginning of the Red Thread

It was March 20, 2005. I was in my new Salsa Red Toyota Sienna mini van. We lived in Odessa, Tx. We knew that there was a corps that was in desperate need of a new(er) van. Robert and I decided to offer to purchase a new mini van and pass along my mini van to this corps. So now I was driving my new mini van. I had picked up my new van that week, so I hadn't moved all of my CD's into my new van. Now, if you've ever been a passenger in my van, you know that I generally always have a Disney CD playing in my van. Generally the only exception is during Christmas time when I love to listen to Christmas music.

It was a Sunday afternoon about 3:00 pm. On most Sunday afternoons at 3:00, I am taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap. This is a tradition that I have held to since childhood. But not on THIS Sunday afternoon. While at church that Sunday morning I realized that there was a lady in our congregation that had a need that I felt that I had to help fill. So, on Sunday afternoon, I was out shopping, had gone to this woman's apartment and dropped off the items that she needed, and about 3:00 I was in my new van, listening to K-Love on the radio. All unusual circumstances to me. As I was driving home, I heard a PSA for Steven Curtis Chapman's foundation Shoahannah's Hope. I wasn't really even listening, but I heard it! Adopting children from China... They need a home... Grants Available... web site. I went home and told Robert about it. I decided I would take a look on the website and check things out.

We had considered adoption a few times before. It seemed that with each time, there was always a huge obstacle in our way. We had pretty much decided that we could not do it. We couldn't afford it, was our final decision. Then I hear about Shoahannah's hope that offers grants to families wishing to adopt from China specifically.

Monday morning, the research began. What I realized, was that there was no way that we COULDN'T adopt from China. God began to open the doors right before my eyes! With every question that I had, He began to answer and show me that the doors were open before I even asked! So THIS is why each attempt was unsuccessful. God's plan for us was different!
His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT! I hope I never forget that! Even as I wait!


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