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Friday, December 16, 2005

We Found Abby Grace!

It started quite innocently. As I was browsing our agency's website one day I realized that they had a "waiting children" section. We had discussed the option of a child with a "special need" before. We just didn't feel that it was a good option for us. As I read the information, I began to realize that my idea of "special need" was not a correct perception. I began to read about children with minor, correctable problems. Birthmarks, born with a hole in the heart, cleft lip, cleft palate. These were the kinds of "special needs" that caused children to be placed on a "waiting child" list. I realized quickly that we should re-think our decision and consider a "special needs" child.

We contacted our agency that allowed us to place a preliminary application. This application on file allowed us to view the upcoming list of children and petition to adopt. This application would place us as a "preview family". This would alow us to view the list for a week before it was released to others that would possibly be interested in petitioning for these children.

We waited.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity (it was really only about 2 weeks) the password that secured "the list" was released on Friday, December 9th. It seemed like a mad race! As I viewed the faces of those 40 children, wondered how I was going to be able to bring them all home! We had to have our petitions in by Thursday, December 15th at noon. After meeting with a pediatrician and reviewing the medical files of each child, we narrowed our selection down to 3 precious little girls.

The wait was excruciating! We knew that a committee would meet on Thursday afternoon to determine which families would be best for each child. The calls wouldn't be made until Friday.
When I woke up Friday morning, I thought I would be ill! The anxiety was sickening! We knew that there had been an enormous response to the list. We knew that there would be many, many calls that would be made to inform families that they had not been matched. Just over 20 children had been matched with their families, but more than 60 petitions had been made.

Of course, it's December 16th. There was work to be done. As I packed each child's gift bag at our distribution center, I wondered if we would have a daughter. I wondered which toy she would like best. I wondered when I would know.

So, in an attempt to take my mind off of my anxiety, I went to Wal Mart. And of course, as I was picking out watches for 12 year old girls, my phone rang. I thought I was going to be ill again! I couldn't find my phone fast enough! I was trying to check the caller ID to see if it was the agency. As I answered the phone, it was indeed Sherry W. from our agency. "Shannon, this is Sherry - you haven't been matched with _____ , but you have been matched with Yi Yi!" I think she said something else - but I was crying and I don't remember what it was. "Are you happy?" she asked. "Of course, I'm THRILLED! We've been matched! I'm standing in the middle of Wal Mart crying like a baby now!" So, she says "well, buy something for Yi Yi while you're there!" She said some other things - but I don't know what they were.


Ok, for a few details - Her date of birth 7/10/03
She is currently in the Guangxi province
Her "special need" is repaired cleft lip

I so wish that I could post a picture here, but because of agency agreements concerning confidentiality, I am not currently able to do so. Once we have received PA (preliminary approval) from the Chinese government, I'll be able to post. Until then, you'll have to trust me! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!


Blogger McRae said...

Oh, Shannon! I have been watching this blog for news and you don't know how happy I am for you!!! I believe you have received the best Christmas present ever! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please send pictures as soon as you are allowed. I cannot WAIT to see how BEAUTIFUL your baby girl is!!!

8:51 PM  
Blogger Ryan and Heather said...

YAYYY!!! Congrats!!! What a great story! I can't wait to see her picture and follow her journey home! Congrats again!!!

11:12 AM  

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